TV Interview with Dr. Rick Voyles

Dr. Rick Voyles talks about innovative techniques for navigating conflict

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  1. Hi Lynda,
    The State requires two certificates in order to register as a mediator. The 40 hour class I offer will produce both those certificates. As a registered mediator you will have access to all the lower courts in Georgia that have a mediation program. The General/Civil mediation training must be completed before any of the other specialty trainings (domestic relations, juvenile, elder-care, etc) can be taken. I offer a week-end training model so people do not have to give up their vacation days or billable hours in order to take the class. You can get more information about dates and times following this link (click here for more information). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

    Dr. Rick Voyles
    Center for Dispute Solutions

  2. Carrie Gray says:

    Dr. Rick:

    Thanks for talking with me today and providing me the website information so that I can take your course either November or December of this year. The video I just watched was great and I have already learned some key points to keep in mind.

    I’ll make a decision about the training dates within the next week and book the course. I am already getting excited about this potential opportunity! I’ve always thought this was an avenue to earn a living but also to help someone.

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