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Rebecca Zimmerman


Travoria Robinson

As an Alvin Albertattorney and facilitator, I constantly attend CLE seminars and certification courses.  Dr. Rick’s mediation training was, by far, the most enjoyable and useful certification workshop I have ever attended.  I would encourage anyone considering mediation training to attend his class.  Your skills, and life, will be greatly enriched by his experience, teaching style, and knowledge.

Alvin S. Albert

The Mediator Training was truly an insight as to what mediation really is and how this process works in helping many industries avoid or limit costly legal fees.

Jane Hughes

I’ve been involved in various trainings throughout my career and have generally walked away feeling somewhat frustrated. It seems we are presented the theory of how a concept is to work, but very little mechanics as to how to implement the concept. The Mediator Training program I attended met that need. I feel the role plays, the opportunity to discuss..”what if’s,” “how could we..?,” the videos, and Dr. Voyles’ presentation were excellent. I would recommend this program without hesitation.

Cliff Morgan

I was not expecting to learn much, I was pleasantly shocked at how much we all really learned & how good a teacher Dr. Voyles was.

Allison Ledford

I highly recommend the Mediator Training Class taught by Dr. Rick Voyles. He keeps everyone involved and has the course laid out so well that not only is it very interesting but time flies by. Without a doubt you will learn new skills in his class that will help in your personal life and career whether you ever decide to use your new skills as a Mediator professionally or not. This class was well worth the investment.

Cynthia Johnston


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